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Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Audio Recording, Exhibition, Video/Film Shoot, Photo Shoot, Audition, Rehearsal
Disciplines Music, Film
Restrictions On Use -


COLORED BLOCKS = NOT AVAILABLE Click on open time blocks to create a space request.
Space requests must be at least 2 days in advance.
Rental must be for at least 2 hours

Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

The space can be booked by emailing us at

Hours Of Operation By appointment only. Contact for details.
Rental Policy -
Cancellation Policy Cancellations must be done with 48 hour notice. Anything after that will not be refunded.
Open to last minute space requests. true
Booking Requirements Deposit
Rental Personnel Call for addtl rental personnel, Rates include some or all equipment
Performance Personnel Sound technician
Payment Types Cash, Credit card
Options -
Other Allowed Activities Street shoes, Live percussion, Amplified music, Alcohol permitted

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 1800.0 sqft
Space Features Air-conditioned, Heated, Sound-proof, Acoustic panels, Privacy, Space is heated with space heaters as needed.
Technology Mac Pro Computer PT HD8 Avid I/O Interface
Flooring Wood, Carpet
Stage Configuration Thrust
Stage Dimensions -
Seating capacity -
Seating There is a lounge/kitchen with seating and a couch in the control room.

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Fluorescent
Furniture Chairs
Amenities Shower, Kitchen/pantry, Private restroom
Instruments and Accessories Rehearsal piano, Percussion equipment, Drum set, Music stands
Audio Equipment Sound booth, Microphone, Recording equipment, Amplifier, DAW: Pro Tools HD8 Monitoring: Barefoot mm27 Yamaha NS10M Microphone Preamps: API 3124+ (2) Langevin Dual Vocal Combo Yamaha ML-8 Microphones: Wunder Cm7 | Shure Beta 181 (x2) | Shure Sm57 (x4) | Shure Sm7b (x2) | AKG 451 (x2) | AKG D112 (x2) | Behringer C2 (x2) | Telefunken M80 SH | Cascade Fat Head Pair (x2) | Sennheiser 504 Instruments: Pork Pie Maple Toms (12×8, 16×16) Pork Pie Maple Snare (14×6.5) C&C “Trio” Kick (26×16) Drum hardware (stands, throne, kick drum pedal) Orange Bass Terror 500 Ampeg 4×10 Peavey Classic 50 Combo Fender SuperSonic 22 Combo Randall Custom 4×12 Emperor Custom 1×15
Video/Film Equipment TV/monitor
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment -

Accessibility EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Street parking
Accessibility Accessible without stairs
Audience Services -
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Audio Recording $40-$350 $350 $2,200 $7,500
Exhibition $200 $200 $1,200 $5,000
Video/Film Shoot $200 $200 $1,200 $5,000
Photo Shoot $200 $200 $1,200 $5,000
Audition $200 $200 $1,200 $5,000
Rehearsal $200 $200 $1,200 $5,000

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