Fractured Atlas
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Jackalope Theatre

1106 W Thorndale Ave, Chicago, IL, 60660

The Frontier holds a Performing Arts Venue (PAV) licence and is located at 1106 W. Thorndale just steps away from the Thorndale Red Line Station and from Jackalope’s primary performance venue in Broadway Armory Park. With a unistrut lighting grid, this 50-seat blackbox is ideal for full performance productions, special events, late-night shows, rehearsals and limited-engagement performance rentals to the public. What was once a staple deli in the Edgewater neighborhood, this storefront sat untouched for three years before Jackalope began occupying, renovating and using the space to rehearse their productions and present their supplementary programming. Jackalope has been committed to fostering an artistic and cultural community within the Thorndale corridor in Edgewater.

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$900/week Prime-Time Run (5:00-10:15pm, 4-week minimum, 5 shows/wk max, includes 7 full-access tech days)
$250 Single Event Weekend (Th/F/S/Su) Whole-Night (5:00pm-1am)
$200 Single Event Weekday (M/T/W) Whole-Night (5:00pm-1am)
$200 Single Event Weekend (Th/F/S/Su) Prime-Time (5:00-10:15pm)
$150 Single Event Weekday (M/T/W) Prime-Time (5:00-10:15pm)
$75 Single Event Weekend (Th/F/Sa) Late-Night Event (10:15pm-1am)
$50 Single Event Weekday (Su/M/T/W) Late-Night Event (10:15pm-1am)
$15 per hour rehearsal/meeting space rental (4 hour minimum)

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